The Problem and Our Mission to Solve It

The United States’ success in invention and scientific discovery has been the driving force in its position as a superpower in the world economy. Over the past century, America has created hundreds of new industries that have brought forth the technologies the world revolves around in the modern era. The jobs, revenue, and leadership of these industries have propelled America to the world leader it is today. America’s long history of dedicating federal funding to investments in basic science has yielded the ground breaking scientific discoveries that business translates into the technologies and booming industries.

But over the last decade, cuts in the funding of basic science has yielded hundreds of new technological discoveries to other nations like China, South Korea, India, and others. With these discoveries, America has ceded thousands of jobs, billions of revenue dollars, and access and ownership to cutting edge technology driving the politics and economy of the international stage. In the same fashion that the U.S. is now forced to send revenue and jobs to outside countries for manufacturing, America is quickly losing it’s scientific leadership, a problem with even further reaching negative impact on Americans and the world.

First In Science garners support for federal funding of basic science so America can reclaim its position as the forerunner of scientific achievement and in turn the industries, jobs, revenue, and technological power it needs to bring America to its position as an economic superpower and provide better lives to Americans and the rest of the world.

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